Frequently Asked Questions

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The two options we have listed at this time are "Freight Collect” and "Bestway Prepaid and Add.” You can see those listed here:

  • Freight Collect: If you have your own UPS/FedEx account, we can ship your order through either carrier on your account. This allows you to take advantage of any discounts you may have already established through them. On top of that, in the next screen, we can also ship it with the method of your choice (Next Day Air/Second Day Air/Ground, etc.).
  • Bestway Prepaid and Add: This method is the most often used amongst our customers. In our industry, no two items ship the exact same way every time they are ordered. This shipping method acknowledges that and tells us to ship your order to you as cheap as possible. Any charges we have to pay to the shipping company (e.g. UPS/FedEx/Any LTL Carrier) are passed on with no markup and no extra profit.

The best way to let us know you need your order in your hands yesterday is in the next screen. Once you’ve selected your shipping option (either Freight Collect or Bestway PPD/ADD), there is an area where you can put comments for us to review regarding any part of your order. You can find that here:

The entire comment section may not appear, but if you click the button (shown highlighted in red above) the comment section will appear. Here is where you can let us know you need your items to ship NDA, second day (2DA), third day (3DA), ground, etc.

You will receive either a phone call or an email regarding any NDA, 2DA, 3DA requests IF you are having your items shipped "Bestway Prepaid and Add.” There are two reasons for this. We will need written authorization to fully process your order that you accept the cost of the shipping speed requested. We will also want to discuss how much next day air charges are with you before moving forward. This service is not cheap, despite what some globally-recognized online retailers might make you believe next day air shipping might cost.

If your items are shipping "Freight Collect,” it is not standard for us to contact you regarding your request for NDA/2DA/3DA services. If you’d like us to before shipping, please note that as well in the comments section.

These two questions, and others like it, are all lumped together because they all have the same basic problem. No two orders ship the exact same way every time. If you place an order today, and tomorrow you place the exact same order your shipping will very likely be the same. However, if you order 3 parts today, and 5 parts tomorrow it may not be the same shipping cost. If you order one type of part today and order a different part tomorrow, it may not ship in the same size box or have the same weight which could change the shipping cost. There are times when an online order may require an LTL carrier to ship on because the part is simply too large or too heavy for your typical UPS/FedEx carriers.

We here at Global Technology and Engineering have put shipping costs out there for customers to see as they were going through the online checkout process in the past. What we found was that the automation process for calculating those shipping rates was highly inconsistent. Rather than accounting for the fact that multiple items could be shipped in one box, it was calculating every item to ship in an individual box which ended up showing your shipping costs to be far higher than it possibly could have been. On the flip side, there were times when it would show that some larger items would cost far less than it would cost to ship purely because it couldn’t account for the size of the package after a certain point.

Since then, we’ve removed displaying shipping rates for our items. We strive to keep our shipping costs down as much as possible, but inevitably we still get questions (See FAQ #4). While calculating shipping costs is not our strength here, we will do what we can to give you as much as information as possible regarding your final total

Global Technology and Engineering (GTE) is a small, family-owned business. We’ve made a commitment to keep the cost of our products as low as possible while keeping our doors open since 2003.

That being said, we are still limited on the methods we can use to ship our products. The transport companies dictate what the price of their service is. GTE is not UPS. GTE is not FedEx. GTE is not Yellow. GTE is not Dayton Freight, etc.

The good news is that we don’t make money on the shipping. Whatever the charge from the carrier is… that’s what we charge to you. We’ve done the battling, and the fighting, and the arguing with carriers to get as good of a discount on their services as possible. At the end of the day, the cost for shipping is the cost for shipping.

With that in mind, keep an open mind when you hear the total cost. Yes, you may be paying more for shipping than the part itself. Did you do a full apples-to-apples comparison? If our part is $10, shipping is $15 …. but you can go somewhere else with free shipping and it costs you $35 for the exact same part, did you really get a better deal?

The simple answer to this question is available space. We have over ten thousand different parts available for sale. In the pneumatic conveying industry, every air system is designed differently. If we were to carry stock of every item we had the ability to create we would need a warehouse the size of a professional sports stadium, including their parking lot, and we would have to drastically increase the cost of all our products just to pay for storage on an item that we may only sell once a year. It just doesn’t make good business sense.

What we do carry in stock are the items we see as the most commonly sold items. If your part is showing to not be a stock item, call us. Our factories may have the part you’re looking for in stock from an overrun. We may be able to get it faster than the listed lead times. We can look at possible alternatives with you to get your project completed on time. There are options available. Feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to get you what you need.