4" Weighted Relief Valve, 4PSI

  • 4 PSI Relief
  • 4" MPT Connection
  • Anodized Aluminum construction for years of trouble-free service.
  • Simple operation. Line pressure naturally displaces the weighted cap upwards and off the valve seat. As the pressure increases, the valve exposes more vent area for higher flow.
  • High flow-through capacity.
  • Valve automatically seats itself when the pressure is removed.
  • All operating surfaces are machined and the entire valve is heat treated and anodized for the highest quality.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Simple method of opening and closing insures that the valve is virtually chatter-free.
  • Retainer ring ensures valve settings are not tampered with.




Size: 4.0"
Relief Valve Setting: 4 PSI
Price: $884.27
4" Weighted Relief Valve, 4PSI
4" Weighted Relief Valve, 4PSI